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MudouSetsuna's Cosplay Homepage

MudouSetsuna's Cosplay

Welcome to my cosplay homepage! This is a place for me to dump photos, tutorials, and galleries from all the anime conventions I attend. Wrestling with galleries on social media is often a huge pain for me, between making the app behave, sorting by the categories that I'd like to use, and making it easy for others to save those same photos to their own computer, I usually give up halfway before I even get everything posted!

It's so much easier to just compile it all here.

Take a look around, enjoy your stay; I hope that you have some fun looking through my time capsule and shared knowledge of this hobby. See if I captured a nice pic of you or your friends in costume, and let me know if you'd like me to tag you with credit! If you would like to use your pic anywhere, don't worry about asking permission, just credit by giving a link back here, or credit @mudousetsuna, if you please. :)